Class:Weapon Specialist
Race: Drowolath (from Chel'el'sussoloth)
Gender: Male
Height: Medium (5'7)
Build: Skinny
Eye color: Red (tainted)
Hair: White, short, messy
Details: Bandage on right forearm and around the right thigh.

Weapon specialty: Crossbow. Secondary weapon; knife.
Mana specialty: Basic mana manipulation.

Background: Tikki is named after the tiktikki lizards common in Chel.
One of the many commoner orphans, he grew up on the street and survived by joining a gang and being sneaky.

After the demon god incident he wanted to join the Sarghress, more to get food regularly than anything else. Plus, having to fight for the clan was just as dangerous as the street had become anyway (or so he thought).

The Fallen Legion, home to many other orphan commoners, saw some potential in him and he was taken in for training.
He turned out to be a good scout, knowing the back alleys in many of the districts of Chel very well, and being good at moving quietly.

With the turmoil in both Chel and the Sarghress the last two years, he has tried to just stay quiet and do what he's told. His last assignment was to scout the imperial dome to find out how many demons were around there and if any other clans were trying to establish a foothold there.

Note: Tikki is not as well armored as Jiv'kyn has in this reference. He has a leather breastplate and red bracers with the Sarghress clan mark.
Brown leather boots. Otherwise just brown clothes.